Learn how to design with Biomimicry

Discover how Biomimicry can help you design sustainable solutions for complex challenges. Incorporating sustainability in traditional designing turns out to be difficult. When Biomimicry is applied, each and every solution is 100% sustainable and circular. No matter what your challenge is, designing a new building, renovating bridges or roads, or trying to find solutions for sustainable agriculture or the redevelopment of an area. We start with the knowledge nature has collected in a period of 3.8 billion years of Research and Development. 

Lydia Fraaije and Serena Scholte organise workshops ‘Learn how to design with Biomimicry´ for professionals from the construction and real estate sector involved in designing. In a day you will discover powerful design principles based on Biomimicry and you and your team will start designing a solution for your own challenge. Do you want to take a different approach for your challenge and are you looking for a new perspective? Register for our workshop.

What will you take away?

In a one-day session you will be working on your own challenge in a very practical way. After a deep dive into Biomimicry you will experience the three phases of Biomimicry: scoping, discovering (including an on-site expedition) and creating. By the end of the day, you will have designed a proof of concept.

In just one day:

– You acquire basic knowledge of Design Lens and Biomimicry

– You go through all the steps of the Biomimicry Design process

– You have gained a wealth of unique and inspiring experience

Learning group

You will learn from your trainers as well as your fellow students by sharing experiences. Your learning group consist of 12 professional colleagues, all working in the field of design. We gain knowledge in an informal way at a unique location that is related to the workshop.


Lydia Fraaije: architect and biomimicry expert. 

Serena Scholte: change manager and innovative entrepreneur in the construction sector.

Motivation for organising this workshop: “People often ask us: what are the steps taken in a Biomimicry hackathon? In this workshop, this question will be answered. We introduce you to Biomimicry and all its design phases.”


Burgers Bush, Arnhem


9:00 a.m. to 17:30 p.m.


 23 May 2019

For whom

This workshop is for professionals in the construction sector involved in designing or creative building for a sustainable future. This could be project development or programme development for external parties (including government) or for your own employer.


Euro 950.00 excluding VAT, including F&B and course materials. 

Register before 31 March 2019 via this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/spinwaves-17955283290

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