Wij lossen vraagstukken op met kennis uit de natuur

We lossen met bewezen kennis uit de natuur

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Biomimicry European Ecosystem

Connecting knowledge and practices to improve impact

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We lossen met bewezen kennis uit de natuur

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We lossen met bewezen kennis uit de natuur

Become a hacker!

Are you creative, solution-oriented and do you want to put your teeth into social problems? Join the Spinwaves network and join us in the adventure.

Bring a challenge

Do you have a challenge that you do not have a solution for yourself? Or do you want to experience what it is like when a special group of people comes up with solutions for your problem? Enter your challenge and we organize a hackathon for you.

Host an event!

Do you organize events and would you like to host a hackathon? Which can! We organize hackathons at fairs, conferences, festivals and other events.


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Who are we?

Spinwaves is founded to help people to solve problems and become more sustainable.

How does Spinwaves work?

Spinwaves helps you to find groundbreaking solutions for your challenges by organizing hackathons.

What did we achieve?

Our adventure starts in 2016 during Startup Fest Europe, where we organize the first hackathon.

“We have been thinking for a year about how we can attract more volunteers with colleagues. The hackathon with Lydia and Serena was a breakthrough: in one day the hackers design a beautiful concept that they are now going to build for us at Sparkcampus. A lot of energy and creativity has come loose, also with us.”

Corine IlicIVN

“Every project should actually start with a hackathon. Then you really have a fresh start and you do not start with solutions that are no longer applicable. Great day, tight organization too.”

Sacha StolpMunicipal of Amsterdam

“The special thing about a hackathon is the diversity of the people you work with. You notice how much you yourself are already in a line of thought. Special encounters and a lot of drive make this addictive!”

Alex ChiodoHacker

“The start of the team that is going to print The Meeting Factory was during the Dutch Construction Hackathon and now the building is printed in Teuge, so you can see how effective a hackathon can be!”

Hugo JagerPartner at Revelating

What’s next

15th and 16th January

Welke oplossing ontwerp jij voor duurzame renovatie van bruggen?
Ahoy, Rotterdam

19th of April

How do we bring construction and nature together?
Amsterdam, RAI


Hackathon StartupFest Europa
Dome-X, Oss

Vital Valley
Dome-X, Oss

How do we become more innovative?
Brabantse Delta

What can we do with empty buildings?
Rotterdam, Transformatiecongres