Break through your thinking pattern

Are there challenges in your work that require groundbreaking solutions? Are you looking for a different way of brainstorming with your colleagues or do you want to involve people outside your circle? Bring your challenge to Spinwaves!

Spinwaves helps you find sustainable solutions for these challenges. We solve problems by organizing hackathons. Due to the time pressure, the facilitation and the composition of the hackers from the Spinwaves network, a unique setting emerges from which special solutions arise

It’s in our nature

We always withdraw examples from nature. How does nature deal with the generation and storage of energy? Which natural processes or designs can we use to make organizations more sustainable? We have experienced that: nature already have all the answers ready and it is fascinating to immerse yourself in it!

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a creative form of solving problems. Under time pressure, the participants design a proof of concept, which can be possibly built. We organize two forms: Internal and open

In an internal hackathon, the Spinwaves crew guides the hackathon for you and your colleagues. Together you will learn the basic principles of Biomimicry and design your groundbreaking proof of concepts for your problem.

In the case of an open hackathon, the crew involves the Spinwaves network. The Spinwaves network is a particularly powerful and diverse company that will certainly surprise you with their creativity and decisiveness. In a day we work on a proof of concept and possibly support in realizing these concepts.