Spinwaves lab

Hackathons are a part of a broader, international innovation trail that we are part of in our ecosystem. We want to make impact and not end up into desk drawers. The only way to achieve that is to work with all our partners in our ecosystem. Together we create living labs, ‘proeftuinen’, practical research or new jobs for our hackers to increase the potential of implementation.

We call this our Spinwaves Lab. It’s a virtual and inclusive lab created together with our international ecosystem of customers and educational institutes, field labs, advisors and makerzones. We work on a very broad but connected portfolio of practical research and implementation. We act, we reflect and come with a better solution. We work with the theoretical base of transition management and Theory u, to parametric design and nanotechnology. What connects everything is the mission to work on a sustainable future in a positive and practical way.

If you are interested in the specific outcomes of our hackathons & /  interested working together with our lab, please contact us.