It’s in our nature

Why do we do this?
A lot of organizations are defining their sustainable goals. Applying these goals into daily business still is a challenge.  How do you actually built a circulair bridge? Or a zero emission house? How do we transform our product that is made from petroleum into a product that helps to clean up plastic soup?

Journey thinking
After formulating the sustainable goals, you need to define a new practice to apply them. A practice that is made of design thinking, trying new ideas, learn quickly and adjust them. The new technology is not proven yet.

Becoming a sustainable company can be best compared with a journey, that starts with a first step. Spinwaves helps you to design your first step in your daily practice and gives you a roadmap to succeed the journey to become a 100% sustainable organization.

How do we design the first steps?
We love to come up with practical and sustainable solutions for your next project. What can be applied tomorrow and is future proof? For the design proces we organize a hackathon. Our hackathons are disruptive because:

  • We always look at nature for inspiration (Biomimicry). How does nature generate and store energy? Which natural processes or designs can help us make organisations sustainable? Our experience is: nature knows everything already and it is fascinating to study. It helps you to define your first steps and inspires you to formulate a roadmap for your team or organization.
  • We work with a community of hackers that is inclusive and multi disciplinair. We bring your challenge into a new co-creative space so that a new mindset can solve it for you.

What is a hackathon?
A hackathon is a creative way to solve challenges. Under pressure of time, participants design a proof of concept, that may actually be developed. We offer two types of hackatons: private and open.

  • During a private hackathon, the Spinwaves crew coaches you and your colleagues. We teach you the basic principles of Biomimicry and you will design a groundbreaking proof of concept for your challenge.
  • During an open hackathon, our crew calls upon the Spinwaves network. This network consists of a powerful and diverse group of people that will surprise you with their creativity and energy. In just one day we develop a proof of concept and we support further execution with our Spinwaves lab. 

After the hackathon: Spin Off workshop
Imagine you bring new solutions back to your office. Colleagues (and possibly you yourself) will ask: how can we apply the outcomes of the hackathon? Do we need a new way of working together with innovators? Or do we need to change our program requirements? How can we scale up this way of working? You decide how far your want to take it into your organization and we help you achieving your goals (called the natural step).