It’s in our nature

We always look at nature for inspiration. How does nature generate and store energy? Which natural processes or designs can help us make organisations sustainable? Our experience is: nature knows everything already and it is fascinating to study.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a creative way to solve challenges. Under pressure of time, participants design a proof of concept, that may actually be developed. We offer two types of hackatons:

Private and open

During a private hackathon, the Spinwaves crew coaches you and your colleagues. We teach you the basic principles of Biomimicry and you will design a groundbreaking proof of concept for your challenge.

Follow up

During an open hackathon, our crew calls upon the Spinwaves network. This network consists of a powerful and diverse group of people that will surprise you with their creativity and energy. In just one day we develop a proof of concept and we support further execution, if desired.