Create a new way of working

Does your line of work come with challenges that need groundbreaking solutions? Are you liking for ways to apply sustainable goals into your daily practice? Are you looking for a new way to brainstorm with your colleagues or to involve people that are currently out of your network?

Bring your challenge to Spinwaves and we help you to find a new path.

How it works
First we ask you to give us all the data and insights in your challenge. Do you need to renovate houses, roads or bridges? Or are you looking for a way to transform an empty building or difficult area in your city? We like to know every little detail and we like to meet your project partners.

After that it’s up to us: we will organize the hackathon (open or private) and scout the community of hackers. During the hackathon you are invited to walk around and feel the energy of the group working on your challenge. At the end of the hackathon the groups pitch their solutions to an invited group of influencers. This helps you to increase the impact of your way of working.

After a couple of weeks we have the Spin Off workshop at your office. The main goal of this workshop is to maximize the results of the hackathon for you and your team. Maybe you decide to work with the Spinwaves lab.

Are you into sharing your challenge with us? Please call us!