This is how we do it

Spinwaves organises hackathons to solve complicated challenges in a sustainable way. To achieve this, we work together with a community of unique people. Spinwaves consists of start-ups, students, innovators and passionate people who want to change the world. They study complex challenges and come up with groundbreaking and sustainable solutions.

Spinwaves is inspired by nature (Biomimicry). Nature has 3.8 billion years of experience and design to adapt to changing circumstances in order to survive.

Nature provides us with answers on questions such as, what should we do to reduce fine-particles or how should we deal with flooding or the use of resources. Nature is a source of sustainable energy.  But it can also teach us how to deal with organisational culture or change management.

Spinwaves applies this knowledge in a dynamic way: the hackathon.

A hackathon is a creative way to solve challenges. Under pressure of time, participants design a proof of concept, that may actually be developed at a later stage.