Expand your horizon

Create your future by hacking society´s main challenges. We solve challenges that normally stay behind closed doors or that can’t be solved by others. Think of noise pollution in inner cities, for example, or renovating a large number of bridges at the same time.

Your main contribution will be passion for the challenge. During the hackathon you will work with a multidisciplinary team to solve the challenge. In order to do so, we will teach you how to apply ´design thinking´, derived from the perspective of nature. In other words: what solutions does nature has to offer, and how can we translate these solutions into usable applications? (Biomimicry)

What’s in it for you

Joining our hackathons will expand your horizon. Now you have the opportunity to be at the table with and offering your expertise to a high-end professional client. Together with start-ups, students and other passionate people from the Netherlands and abroad you will team up to solve complex challenges for your client. How cool is that?

In summary:

Actual challenge: you will have the opportunity to work for a real client

Diverse team: you will learn to work together in a diverse team, where everybody brings his or her own talent and personality

Design Thinking derived from nature: You will receive professional training to apply the basic principles of nature based design thinking (Biomimicry)

Drinks after the session with professionals from interesting companies; an excellent opportunity to expand your network

Usually a financial compensation is available for students.

Join us by registering for one of the hackathons on our calendar. Are you not in the position to join us with the hackathons, but would you like to be informed of upcoming events? Send us an email.